Barbara Frittoli at work in Luxembourg !

I’m very happy to announce you that yesterday began the Masterclass held by Barbara Frittoli in Luxembourg for Sequenda Opera Studio!
10 singers are working hard with the precious transmission of Barbara Frittoli who takes care of every singer, individually, focusing for each singer on what makes him progress at this stage.
Thank you Mrs. Frittoli !

Collaborative Pianist : Grégory Moulin

Cipriano De Guzman, Katarzyna Fiedukiewicz, Sara Hamidi, Nathalie Laurent, Kelly  Muller, Doro Schoenberger, Jean-Nico Schambourg , Stéphanie Ternes, Olivia Ugha, Liang Wei.

SOIREE DONIZETTI, le 15.12.2022 à 19h.

Centre Arca, 17 rue Atert L-8051- Bertrange


La Favorite – Les cieux s’emplissent d’étincelles
Lucrezia Borgia: Vieni la mia vendetta

Jean Nico Schambourg, basse
Kalliopi Schiltz, piano

Don Pasquale (sélection)

Stefano Paradiso (Don Pasquale)
Ranyi Jiang (Docteur Malatesta)
Hervé Cassagnabère (Ernesto)
Mària Devitzaki (Norina)

Grégory Moulin, piano

Camilla Rossetti, direction musicale et narratrice

Chorale hellénique des institutions européennes dirigée par Mària Devitzaki

Elevating your opera singer talent