Carlo Hartmann


Carlo Hartmann (baritone) studied singing and opera with Professor Ionel Pantea in Luxembourg and with Prof. Mike Rhodes in Trier. Since 1992, when he gave up his job as a « banker », he has sung in more than 60 opera productions (Komische Oper Berlin, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Berne, Vienna, Innsbruck, and others), among them leading parts such as « Falstaff », « Rigoletto », « Figaro », « The Barber of Seville », and « Don Giovanni ». In 2001 he performed at the San Francisco Opera House, where he sang the part of Baron Zeta in Lehar’s « Merry Widow ».

Until 2006 he can be heard in the part of « Alberich » in Wagner’s « Ring » at the Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden. In February 2005 he sang the part of « Wozzeck » in the Opera House of Tel Aviv, and as Falstaff at the Darmstadt Opera. Since 2005 he has been at the Volksoper Wien « Fürst Ypsheim », « Zsupán », « Baron Zeta », « Juipter ».

His predilection for operattas in the Luxembourg language has led him to perform in all the operattas by the Luxembourg national poet Dicks and encouraged him to translate important works of the musical theatre into his mother toungue. On 7th June 2004 the operetta « D’Grande-Duchesse vu Gerolstein » had its first night at the Festival of Wiltz.

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